ZepicData custom web solutions for small businesses

ZepicData works with small business owners in creating cost-effective solutions to achieving their custom goals. Most small business owners don't have the time to modify their webpages to put their unique ideas on their website. ZepicData (a subsidy of Zepic Ventures, LLC), works directly with customers to find cost-effective ways that gets them the results they want whether it is discovering the free utilities already available and teaching users to user these technologies or by doing the work ourselves on a contractual basis. Our goal is to help customers achieve success.


PowderCam.com helps users discover new places to ski or snowboard around the world.

How we helped

With PowderCam looking to add a tool to help users find good deals on equipment, ZepicData created the tools needed to automatically gather sale prices of different equipment retailers to allow users to search multiple vendors of ski and snowboard equipment.

Helped PowderCam locate free and inexpensive tools from multiple vendors to optimize search engine results.

Integrated an advertising system that allows PowderCam to have access to multiple sources of revenue including GoogleAds, affiliate marketing, and in-house marketing.

Created templates allowing PowderCam writers to concentrate on writing content and not worrying about html layout and stylesheets.


ZClubHost is a free service that allows small clubs or groups to organize members and allow easy communications with its members.

How we helped

In order to allow ZClubHost members to access the website from any device, ZepicData taught ZClubHost founders to locate responsive CSS designs and integrate them into the website.

ZepicData organized the database and forms necessary for ZClubHost to save and organize member information so that managers have all of the information they need to keep track of their club or group.

In order to easily e-mail members of ongoing events and changes, ZepicData added the necessary e-mail logic into a custom manner that ZClubHost wanted.

With ZClubHost wanting easy to use calendar for members to use, ZepicData was able to locate inexpensive tools and integrate it into the system.


CoffeeBeanMaster is a website that offers information on everything related to coffee including how to choose coffee beans, roasting coffee beans, different brewing methods, numerous coffee recipes, and equipment recommendations.

How we helped

ZepicData helped to bring CoffeeBeanMaster online in about 6 weeks from idea to release including SEO optimization, advertisement, and more. By using ZepicData's web infastructure CoffeeBeanMaster creators had access to numerous, easy-to-use settings that made the design process quick and easy to create and in a responsive CSS design that looks great on all kinds of devices without any added coding or setup.

By getting CoffeeBeanMaster quickly off the ground and using their expertise, the owners were able to start generating clicks from Google and begin generating revenue from the first week of release.

Data Integration

ZepicData can provide custom solutions to collect and analyze data on your potential and current customers.

At times, it will be more cost effective to use existing technology already available. ZepicData works with you in locating these services and will help integrate them into your website.

Web Solutions Consulting


Finding Your Needs

Every owner has different needs and wants for their business. ZepicData works with you to achieve the desired results.


Cost Effective Solutions

ZepicData recognizes that there are many excellant solutions already available. Rather then recreating the same tools and selling the custom code to you, we show these tools and tell you about the pros and cons of the tools so that you can make cost effective decisions.


Meeting Your Goals

Our number one priority is having a satisfied customer that not only uses our services today, but recognizes the value we give and will use our services for a long time to come.